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Erling Gustafsson Business Manager

Erling Gustafsson
Business Manager

Anders Grahn Chief Technical Officer

Anders Grahn
Chief Technical Officer

Bengt Eliasson Mechanical Design

Bengt Eliasson
Mechanical Design

Sven-Erik Karlsson Hardware Design

Sven-Erik Karlsson
Hardware Design

Jonas Rosén Software Design

Jonas Rosén
Software Design

Anna Tengvall Project Manager

Anna Tengvall
Project Manager

AddSecure is a leading player in the secure critical communication sector. Active since the early 1970s, the company currently boasts over 100 000 users and employs around 160 staff across Europe.
Smart Grid Networks has been a part of the AddSecure Group since November 2016. The acquisition was an important part of AddSecure’s commitment to Internet of Things (IoT) technology in general, and smart grids for power industries in particular.
Smart grid technology can create many positive effects for both Norwegian, Swedish and European power markets. Among potential gains are lower power consumption, easier mains power, better power quality, less environmental stress due to lower energy consumption and better profitability for both vendor and consumer. (Stefan Albertsson, MD at AddSecure)
Learn more about AddSecure   https://www.addsecure.com    https://www.addsecure.se
Griddiagnoze                   https://www.griddiagnoze.com
Protrol                             http://www.protrol.se
Hughes Power System   http://www.hughespowersystem.com

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