AddSecure Link – secure cellular communication

AddSecure Link is a system for private isolated networks where cellular communication is used but totally separated from regular mobile traffic.
Each individual private network is separated from Internet but is also isolated from other private networks inside the Link system. 
Access to a specific Link network can only be realized via an encrypted certificate-based VPN tunnel.
AddSecure Link system utilises roaming between different cellular operators, giving access to all existing infrastructure, which increases the reliability.
All technologies, 2G, 3G and 4G, will automatically be used in the most optimal way to achieve a maximum of availability.
SIM-cards from AddSecure are industrial styled to handle demanding environment and treatment.
Every Link network will be administered and controlled via the Link Manager portal. Link Manager is easy to use so there is no requirement of certified network technician.
The Link Manager is the tool to administer SIM-cards and VPN-connections as well as control of authorized persons to get access to the private network.
Link Manager will also present an overview of the communication between devices and corresponding cost to avoid costly surprises. Note that regardless of Link subscription level from AddSecure, you will only pay for used data traffic.


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