Today’s development towards active and dynamic distribution networks increase the demand on knowledge of the network performance. Smart Grid Networks designs and delivers solutions for electrical distribution networks regarding communication, measurement, fault detection and control.
Communication and remote control
GIO100 – Cellular router with integrated RTU functionality
TIO100 – Tetra-communication with integrated RTU functionality
RTU150 – Remote terminal and gateway
RTG150 – Remote terminal for gas actuator control
RSD150 – License free ISM-radio
RFO150 – Digital radio and gateway
SGC250/300 – Network data concentrator
“AddLink” – GIO100 in combination with subscription AddSecure Link (cooperation with AddSecure)
Measurement and analysis
CVM-NET – Energy analyser, four quadrants
“AddMet” – CVM-NET in combination with AddLink (cooperation with Griddiagnoze and AddSecure)
Fault detector and Autorecloser
IPS2, IPC4010/4012 – Fault detector
ACR130/140 – Autorecloser for 12/24 kV based on fault detector and vacuum circuit breaker
“AddDet” – IPS2 in combination with AddLink (cooperation with Protrol and AddSecure)

add concept picture

    AddMet         AddLink        AddDet

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