RTU150 – Remote terminal and gateway

RTU150 is a data collector/gateway which provides SCADA network connectivity on the slave side and configurable interfaces on the master side, e.g. the local I/O as well as Modbus RTU master . Supported SCADA protocols on the slave side are DNP3, Modbus RTU, IEC60870-5-101 and IEC60870-5-104. RTU150 also supports the standard protocol SNMPv1.
RTU150 monitors digital and analogue parameters and can control digital signals. There are 18 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs together with indications available on the front. 8 analogue inputs for voltage or current measurement are also included. If the numbers of inputs/outputs is not enough, I/O expansion modules can easily be added thanks to the RS485 port with Modbus protocol.

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